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Don Barnhart's Full Dry Bar Comedy Special - Family Friendly

"If you enjoy quick witted comedy and hilarious scenarios then you're going to love this Dry Bar Comedy Special from Don Barnhart."


Although Don Barnhart's Dry Bar Special is family friendly and safe for all audiences when Barnhart hits the stage, he doesn't hold back and takes the audience to a whole new level.


You can catch his standup show at Delirious Comedy Club through May 14th!

Barnhart headlines cruise ships, comedy clubs, military shows, corporate shows, colleges, high schools, fairs and recovery shows, Barnhart show is setting record attendance numbers making him one of the top headliners working today.  

Loonees Comedy Corner - Colorado Springs, CO

April 28-29

Delirious Comedy Club - Las Vegas, NV

Apr 30

May 4-7

May 11-14

Laffs Comedy Cafe - Tucson, AZ

May 26-27

Comedy Cabana - Mrytle Beach, SC

June 12-17

Nowegian Cruise Line

June 24-July 8

Oct 4-16

Dec 17-28

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Critics are raving, "Don Barnhart is hysterically funny, delivering well-written topical material with an improvisation flair that's not to be missed. Don pushes the boundaries of "Cancel Culture" using common sense without being overtly offensive. He's a refreshing voice in comedy with the clever, witty insights of George Carlin and the facial expressions of Jim Carey."

The comedian explained, "Politicians say horrific, racist things and when people get mad, they claim it was a joke but when a comedian makes a joke and someone doesn't like it, they protest and want that comedian's head on a stick.  We follow the sentiment of Netflix as we have a vast array of different styles of comedians and support their artistic freedoms so if you can't give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to humor then maybe a comedy club isn't for you."

From entertaining the troops around the world to starring in his own Las Vegas residency, comedian Don Barnhart goes from family friendly to risqué in an hysterically palatable way delighting audiences of all ages and backgrounds.  Barnhart delivers his comedy with a natural improvisational flair, shining light and taking on subjects from silly childhood antics to cancel culture is such a disarming matter you’ll think he read your mind.

Don Barnhart has something for everyone.  His Family Friendly Dry Bar Comedy Special, “The Obese Police” is appropriate for all ages while his Amazon Prime, “I Don’t Care” he takes it to the limit.

Barnhart added, "I try to use my gift of humor to shine light on subjects that might be too sensitive for the easily offended. It's not about being dirty, but about taking on subjects we need and should be talking about.  All are welcome but remember, this is a Comedy Show so leave your inhibitions at the door, stop taking life so seriously and let's enjoy some laughter at the absurdity of life."

For those of you easily offended, Don Barnhart does work clean and his new family friendly Dry Bar Comedy Special can be seen at:

"Hilarious" - NY Times

"One of the best" - LA Times

"That guy's funny" - Howard Stern

"Don is one of the funniest cats out there!"

- Brad Garrett


"If you're easily offended or have an agenda, you're really missing the point of going to a comedy club and should probably stay at home", says comedian Don Barnhart about his new "Unapologetically Funny" Comedy Tour.